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Unemployment Mortgage Assistance
The Unemployment Mortgage Assistance Program provides mortgage payment assistance to eligible homeowners who have experienced an involuntary job loss and are receiving California EDD unemployment benefits.

Benefit assistance through UMA can be up to $3,000 per month and can last up to six months.

The maximum assistance per household is $18,000.

Mortgage Reinstatement Assistance
The Mortgage Reinstatement Assistance Program provides assistance to eligible homeowners who, because of a financial hardship, have fallen behind on their payments and need help to reinstate their past due first mortgage loan.

Benefit assistance through MRAP can be a one time payment of up to $15,000 to cover principal, interest, taxes and insurance, as well as any homeowner's association dues.

Principal Reduction
The Principal Reduction Program provides assistance to eligible homeowners who have experienced an economic hardship coupled with a severe decline in the home's value.

Homeowners who qualify for the PRP could be eligible for up to $50,000 in assistance from Keep Your Home California. The PRP requires a dollar-for-dollar match from the participating servicer, so the total amount of reduced principal could be up to $100,000.

Transition Assistance
The Transition Assistance Program provides one-time funds to help eligible homeowners relocate into a new housing situation after executing a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure program.

The TAP can provide up to $5,000 in transition assistance per household.

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